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The dynamic between the Counsellor and the Client can be an amazing, healing space. I like informality and 'realness', but keep the boundaries of the role clear.
The unconditional space in the room can be like no other, somewhere where you can put everything, and won't be judged, or told what to do, but can really be guided back into feeling the path of progress, rather than the loops and patterns we often weave ourselves into..

About me

 I grew up in London and moved to Devon to go to College, and fell in love   with nature. I decided it was a great place to bring my up daughter, and moved   here when she was born, twenty four years ago. 

 Around that time I trained with a Tai Chi Master for 3 years , which took me through a a great self-development process . It helped inform me of the nature of tension, stress and the mind, and gave me many tools and processes in helping myself and then others in the pathways to restoring balance.

 Since then, I have worked with others in their therepeutic process , in many   different forms -

 * 20 years of holding 'one to ones'

 * 20 years of running workshops and self- development groups

 * 15 years of facilitating mixed sharing groups

 * I have been a family worker, assisting in family dynamics

 * 10 years of working in Schools and colleges

 * 13 years ago qualified as a Counsellor, deciding to amalgamate my                 experience with western therapeutic training and understanding.


  In my spare time like to get out on Dartmoor or go to the sea. I also love to    dance and play guitar, and do bits of Art, and I'm attempting to write a       book. 




  Scorhill, Dartmoor
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