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In ones relationship to oneself, I work with many aspects like confidence, anxiety, self-esteem, childhood issues, and existential matters like purpose, self change, fulfillment and new direction .
Initial talking helps to gain understanding perspective and insight , and can help unjumble tensions that feel overwheming.
For clients who wish to help deal with the more sub-conscious patterns and historical issues which are usually at the root of our stories, or deeper issues such as repeating patterns of difficulty, or old beliefs that are holding you back, I provide a range of effective techniques  that can help move things forward.
I help unravel things, with insights, feedback, and finding new perspectives. We will discuss ways of dealing with difficult feelings, and work together to help create a plan for change that you can start acting on. 
I work at the pace that is appropriate to you, I dont push things, but I do gently challenge perspectives in the interest of progress.
Im not greatly into jargon and terminology, but  I draw on years of training and experience with many Teachers, and so could be considered an Integrative Counsellor.             


 Couples Sessions
 We might explore new ways of communicating our needs and feelings, managing boundaries or dealing with disruptive patterns, intimacy and connection. I often help with areas of communication that are tense or stuck, and  facilitate moving through this.
I encourage a triangle of communication through me, which helps all sides to be heard calmly. I hold the space gently and calmy, working with you both to explore new approaches and perspectives.
I always work from a place of neutrality and non-judgement.

Where and When

I work from a quiet and comfortable private room in Totnes, or i can work online
Sessions are 70 minutes, as I like to allow time to deepen into things, with no rush.
Sessions can be short term or long term, the frequency and spacing is decided by you.


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